Lifesize Vinyl Cutout Prints
Lifesize vinyl prints can have the background removed. Available with or without a white border. Fine details such as hair are difficult to retain when removing a background.
Lifesize Vinyl Mural/Decals
These lifesize prints are printed on a high quality vinyl material. Options include an adhesive backing for sticking the print to most clean, flat surfaces.
Clear Polycarbonate Plastic Mural
Add something special to your images by printing them to a clear polycarbonate plastic sheet. This is an ideal way to display your images or advertisements where you cannot spare the wall space for a regular print.
Laptop/Tablet/iPad Skins
These vinyl laptop skins are created from you own photos or images. Protect your laptop and improve it's design at the same time.
Big Heads
Make fun of your friends and family with these big heads. Take them to parties, sporting events, or hang them in your house.
Bumper Stickers
Got the greatest idea for a bumper sticker but nowhere to buy it? Make it yourself and get it printed right here. Be rude or be funny, your choice.

About Lifesize Printing

At Lifesize Printing we print high quality images of almost any size, as big as most front doors and even bigger. Prints can even be cut out to remove the background or to retain the original image.

A wide variety of prints are possible ranging from Lifesize vinyl murals, stickers and posters, to clear polycarbonate Lexan prints and bumper stickers.

We use only the best quality materials from highly respected printing supply services such as Avery, the end result is a print that you will love and cherish for years to come.

When we aren't printing your amazing images, we are creating scoreboards for all types of sports. We custom print the face of each scoreboard with the same materials we use for your prints so you can rest easy knowing that our printed fascias can handle the hot sun and bad weather for many years and still look as good as they did on day one, as will your prints.

Vinyl Print. Kid playing Soccer
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